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  • Anita Ravi
    Cardiovascular Disease, General Internal Medicine, Interventional Cardiology
    Bernard M. Aaron MD
    Gastroenterology, General Internal Medicine
    Michael R Aaron DO
    Cardiology, Internal Medicine
    Peter Abadir DMD
    Holly A Abate MD
    Internal Medicine
    Arshia Abbasi MD
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What Others are Saying

  • Thank you and Happy Doctors Day.

  • I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your kindness, patience and expert medical care. You are truly the best. May God forever bless you.

  • Thank-you so very much for being so outstanding at what you do. Because you are such a gifted and hardworking surgeon, you gave me total peace of mind during a difficult health crisis. It's because of your talent and confidence that I feel that I came through with flying colors. . . Be well and thanks again! Ruthann Tauriello



  • Hello Dr. Anderson: Times flies when your feeling good. Its been days, months and a few years since my family and I had an encounter with your one of a kind compassionate and loyal care. Every family should have Angel assigned to them with the makings of you. Its always a great joy to remember, honor and celebrate you. Happy Doctors Day ! Always in our hearts and prayers Patricia Woods

  • My sincere thanks to Dr. Wagman (and Sally, too) for being so kind and wonderful during my treatments. You were so caring and professional, that a time in my life that could have been very scary was made less so, helping to keep me calm and positive. I truly believe that your approach towards your patients and your work is what makes all the difference. . . Be well, and continue to do such outstanding work. Thanks again, Ruthann Tauriello

  • Thank you for working with us to lose the weight we needed to lose. It has made a big difference in our lives. And with it goes a very big thank you for all you do!

  • I like New beginnings. ........ It been an overwhelming experience to find that good fit. Finally, I believe I am on the right track. with great anticipation I look forward to much success. I truly appreciate your time and acceptance of seeing me. I'm feeling so much better already! .... Thank you Pat Woods

  • I like new beginning......... It been an overwhelming challenge to find a good fit. Finally I, believe I am on the right track. I am feeling so much better already..... Thank you so much. Pat Woods

  • Doctor Lee thanks for being a great doctor and a amazing human being and for giving me a chance to smile again,thanks for ever.

  • Thank you Dr. Vilenskaya for being such a thorough and compassionate doctor. I feel very lucky to have you as my doctor!

  • Thank you for saving both mine and my husband's lives. I'm sure you have an ever-growing list of people who can say that. Just know we are ever grateful to have you to turn to and hold you in the highest esteem. HAPPY DOCTORS DAY.

  • No doctor could possibly be more attentive and caring.Dr Stroh really listens....he is warm and loving....so respectful of his patients. You can just feel how much he loves the meaningful work he does. I am truly blessed to have him take such good care of me. Also kudos to his wonderful nurse Patti... I guess caring is contagious!!!!

  • Cathryn Heath has been my family doctor for decades. She is knowledgeable, caring, insightful. She is the reason my family goes to Family Practice. Thank you Dr. Heath for year and years of care!